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Friday, September 08, 2006

Project Runway Recap: Episode 9

This is my first post on the Style Graduate and I'm happy that I get to join the two wonderful fashionistas already blogging here. So for my first blog, I NEED to talk about Project Runway Episode 9: The Couture Challenge. The challenge was to design a couture gown, and by 'couture' they meant that much of the gown needed to be sewn by hand. The picture to the left is the winning gown by Jeff. I'm definitely not a high fashion kind of girl having just lived through quite a few 'poor grad student' years, but this gown just looks ugly to me. Plaid? Couture? Granted it was edgy, and I like edgy and unique clothes, but couture it was not! The picture was obtained from the Blogging Project Runway blog. There are probably a zillion comments on this episode, both for and against Jeff's gown.

Vincent got the boot and I think he really had to go. Not only were his designs just plain bad, but is it me or does he use some very perverted terms? His gown "got him off." His designs "turns him on?" See ya Vince!


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