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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekly health tip #3

Over at, visitors were asked to "Share a low calorie food that is a part of your diet!" It's a great idea to substitute lower calorie foods instead of depriving yourself, and people started sharing their 'secrets.' Mine was drinking hot tea and lots of it. It helps cut out late night cravings, but I even drink tea in the mid afternoon too! Here are some more responses:

- Hot green or jasmine tea (unsweetened).
- Sandwiches using Trader Joe's low-cal whole wheat bread.
- Kashi's GoLean cereal.
- Fage Total Greek Yogurt 0%.
- Cottage cheese
- Fish (poached or broiled)
- Homemade veggie soups
- Fat free/sugar free creamsicles and fudgsicles
- Fresh veggies ... carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumbers
- Non Fat yogurt
- Tofu Shirataki noodles.
- Boca and Gardenburger's soy burgers.

I haven't tried everything on the list, but I am working my way through it! Here is the link to the discussion at IateApie [here].


At 10:11 AM, Anonymous ambika said...

Tea is my secret too. I've been drinking it for a while but only after living in Europe did I discover how satiating it could be with a teaspoon of milk. Good stuff.


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