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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dream Bag Carnival

Designer Ella over at Pursed Lips poses two questions for the Carnivale of the Couture; I'm going to answer question #2:

If you were given $10,000 (ooookayyyyyy, $20,000 if you’re a superdiva) to buy only ‘IT’ Big Name designer bags, which dream ones would you buy (or just one perhaps)? (You can save some of the cash left over for something else not to be mentioned.) Yes, please do try to keep track of general prices, and authentic and real-life eBay prices count if you would opt for auctions (although if you can’t tell authentic, skip the lower-priced ones, natch!).

Yikes! That's tough, because the idea of spending $10,000 (yes, that's ten thousand dollars!) on a bag, or even several, seems crazy to me. But I'll try!

I like bags from Coach, although nothing with that big logo print - tacky! There's a Coach store near me, and when I walk by I always ogle the purses in the display. Let's start with this commuter bag, which looks big enough to hold my laptop. $428. Then I would get this purse (top left) for my mom; it's just the size she likes. It's $328, but I'd get her one in black, and in brown, so $656. Then I'd get myself this hobo bag, it's not too big, and looks classy. $178. I also like this flap-closure bag, because I like the big buckle. $218. My big splurge would be this pony hair satchel (bottom left). $798. I don't know when I would use it, but it looks nice. Maybe it would be a good carryon? So that's $428 + $656 + $178 + $218 + $798 = $2278, leaving me with $7,722 to sink into investments. If you were wondering, that comes out to an average of just under $380 per bag. That price is antithetical to the entire spirit of this blog! Even if all the bags were 1/2 off, it would still be too much! I guess it's a good thing this money is all imaginary!

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