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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

let there be light

I've always had this thing for lamps. I have this urge to collect light fixtures, but there's really no practical way to do that, unless you have a gigantic house, or can devote a whole room into a showroom-like homage to your collection.

Right now I'm looking for some stylish lamps to upgrade from my dorm-like halogen lamps that I've had for way too long. Surfing along at some of my favorite mod-but-affordable online shops, I've come up with three options, one splurge and two steals.

west elm cb2

I love the squat little shape and the slightly oversized shade on both of these, but the West Elm version in silver is $199, while the CB2 (Crate & Barrell's secondary line) version is a wonderful $19.95! That's cheaper than Target! Plus, I think I like the gentle slope of its base better anyway. And since my living room couch is slipcovered in black, it would match better too (it looks sort of brownish, but the online catalogue says is black, so I believe them).

Finally, we have this cute little blue number from Ikea. It shares the same squat shape (and also comes in white), but the shade and body are a single peice, and is a ridiculous $12.99.

You usually can't beat Ikea for a deal!


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