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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Carnival of Couture!

The fantabulous Sense of Soot says that for this Carnival "The Topic is Torturous Fashion, and not the kind you tried, hated, and discarded. Oh no, we're going deeper into the dark corners than that, my dumplings. There is something you have owned, a style you have loved with a masochism unparalleled."

Well I have never been as stylish as some of those around me, and so have rarely sacrificed my comfort for looks, preferring a less sleek look over a paingully gorgeous one. My one masochistic fashion favorite was a beautiful pair of gray ankle boots I got at DSW for what I thought was an incredible price. And for a month they were wonderful boots: comfortable, stylish, supportive, and waterproof. Sadly, after the brief honeymoon was over, the inside of one boot started disintegrating, revealing the hard and sharp leather piece supporting the heel. Every time I wore them my right sock was ripped, and I blistered my heel. I persevered, bolstered by Band-Aids, but after a few more months, I could not take it. I threw them out.

Today I wear Kenneth Cole Reaction boots, like this lovely pair, which I have in black leather. Comfort has prevailed.

(At left: comfortable, non-masochistic boots!)


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