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Friday, June 09, 2006

More graduation gifts.

The almost-graduate Jazz likes my picks for graduation presents, but says graduates would prefer cash. Thinking ahead to my own not-too-distant graduation (with only that pesky doctoral thesis standing in front of it) I see the wisdom in this. But there's not too much style involved in giving a fistful of greenbacks, is there?

Fortunately there can be. You can give a memorable, fashionable gift of cash with very little effort on your part. You'll need to give a token gift as well, and package everything beautifully, but it's not so hard.

Start with a lovely, personalized card. American Greetings has some wonderful choices, or you can make your own using quality paper from Crane's. Write a meaningful, but not overly sentimental, message, expressing your pride and pleasure in the graduate's acheivements. Add a small gift; a pen or a pen and pencil set makes a good choice, a cheaper option is a good bar of chocolate.

Put everything in a classy gift box, and you're done! You've given the graduate everything they want, and more.


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