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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Worth it or not (no.5 )

A pair of great, stylish, versatile pants is not strictly necessary, but certainly recommended. For a really fabulous and all-around useful piece, investments are generally warranted. So if you can get it (whatever it is) for $20, wonderful, but you should be prepared to shell out a bit more.

Here are two pairs of blue pants, both around $125. Which is appropriate only for a deranged colorblind $cientologist, and which is wearable by a regular person?

If you guessed that the top pair of pants is utterly inappropriate wear for anyone over the age of 6, you appear to have not lost all vestiges of common sense. And if you feel the bottom pair is suitable only for muppets, you too appear to be in command of your faculties. It turns out that neither atrocity is worth even $1.25, nevermind 100 times that. Instead, you should go for a gorgeous pair of pants like these blue and green lovelies:

$93.49 is a bit much for a pair of pants, but these are great pants.


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