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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cinema Carnival!

This week's Carnival of Couture comes to us from clothesaholic, who asks us "What movie, TV show or video featured clothes that made an impression on you? What movie, TV or video wardrobe did you try to emulate?"

Well, if you ignore my childhood dreams of dressing up like Princess Leia, my favorite movie clothes are Reese Witherspoon's in Walk the Line. She wears lovely dresses: beautiful fabrics sewn into beautiful, classic shapes that show off her perfect figure. I don't share that figure, but I'm not too terribly far off, and the style of dress is flattering on a wide variety of shapes. (I also like Joaquin Phoenix's outfits in the movie; men should take note!) I love how the movie's stylists showcased all the very best fashion of the time period.

This dress from Ann Taylor (on sale for $59.99) recreates Reese's look perfectly, as does this pricier linen dress on sale at Banana Republic ($94.99).

I particularly love, love, love this coat. If anyone knows where I can get a facsimile for a reasonable price, let me know!


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